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MHE [보도자료] MHE, held “MHE Globalization Workshop for Vision 2020”

Date : 2014.09.02

Enclosed :

MHE held "MHE Globalization Workshop for Vision 2020" in Halla Human resources Development Center in Gi-heung in 19th Aug.


  Last workshop, MHE announced "Vision 2020" but this time it brings up "Globalization" for achieving "Vision 2020". Workshop started with the opening speech of Dr. Hwang. He emphasized growth  both in quantity and in quality" by Long-term growth momentum including "Technology", "Productivity", "Cost reduction", "Differentiation", Innovative business model".

 Continuing, VP and other each officer's presented plan, strategy for achieving "Globalization“.

   And, at the "MHE WAY" present time, it reviewed the thinking & behavior of MHE people through Customer, Mindset, Communication, Work. Watching "MHE WAY UCC", we reminded "MHE WAY" of MHE people.


  After presentation, indoor recreation activity went on by body card section. Making a body card  section slogan meant not empty slogan by leader but goal of MHE and confidence of achieving "Vision 2020". When we made a slogan by body card section, we hug each other with happiness and kept them in our mind.


 This workshop showed us vision for achieving "Vision 2020", shared spirit of "One body"

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